Software installation, troubleshooting and usage; expertise in MS Office, Internet, eMail and security measures

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"Many small companies and individuals struggle with IT and fail to derive the benefits which their systems offer."



IT Support and Training

The above are all typical emotions of the average computer user, whether at home or at work, who has suffered the frustration of unintelligible warning messages, corrupted or lost files, malfunctioning and crashing programmes and total lock-up, necessitating a reboot and probable loss of the current work file.

Computers rarely run trouble-free, even though every latest version of the operating system is heralded as the most stable yet. However, problems are seldom as serious as they may initially seem and more often than not it is minor software conflicts and anomalies rather than any hardware malfunction which is the cause of the problem.

Greater understanding of and familiarity with the operating system and software applications can help one to avoid many problems and deal with them more competently and confidently when they do arise. However, in the typical work situation, inadequate or no training is given and often there is nobody within the organisation with sufficient knowledge to deliver such training anyway. In the domestic situation, many individuals often have nowhere to turn for advice and learn the hard way through repeated frustration and crises, probably never attaining the level of competence which can make personal computing such a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

I can offer a solution to these common problems: a customised approach to learning, based on many years of dealing with them myself. Topics covered will vary according to the individual's needs but can include:

Windows operating system
Folder and file management, Windows Explorer, copying, use of Clipboard
Saving, deleting, backing up, screenshots and use of Recycle Bin
Efficient use of Desktop, Shortcuts, Taskbar, System Tray,
Control Panel, Device Manager
System utilities (ScanDisk, Disk Cleanup, Defragmentation, Power Options)
Programme installations, drivers, uninstalling and troubleshooting

Internet and eMail
Advanced eMail techniques
More efficient use of Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers
Advanced searching on the Web
Buying on-line and security issues
Downloads and uploads, adware, freeware, malware, shareware, spyware
Internet security software and keeping it updated

Office application software
Microsoft Access, Excel, Outlook, Publisher, Word
Particular expertise in designing Relational Databases (in Access) and MailMerge

Web design and graphics software
Macromedia Dreamweaver (Web site design)
Macromedia Fireworks (graphics)
Macromedia Flash (animations and "movies")
Microsoft ASP.NET Web Matrix (ASPX Active Server pages)

There are obviously thousands of programmes I have never seen, and I have no knowledge of or interest in computer games. However, I can offer a breadth of knowledge in the more common applications shown above.

If you need help on what application software to purchase for specific tasks, I may be able to offer some first-hand advice.

If you think I can be of assistance, please contact me with details of your training requirements and, only if I really believe that I can help, I will make a proposal.

Opportunity Wales Programme - Information and Communication Technology

Read about my former involvement in the above programme as an eCommerce Adviser.

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Read about my formal qualifications and considerable business experience.

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