Some details about myself

Academic qualifications

  • BA Hons II.ii French/Spanish (1967 - 1971)
  • Diploma in Export Marketing Management, Distinction (1986)
  • Advanced German, Modules A & B, Institute of Linguists (1990)
  • City & Guilds Advanced Diploma in Computing and Information Technology (2000)
  • NOCN Web Page Design & Production, Level 2; Web Publishing, Level 3 (2001)
  • NOCN Graphics and Animations for the Internet, Level 2 (2002)
  • NOCN Computer Hardware Workshop, Level 2 (2003)
  • HNC in Computing and Internet Development (2004)
Technology Means Business logo I was accredited for 3 years to the Technology Means Business National Standard. I let this lapse as my current activities do not require it. TMB is the industry standard accreditation for those providing integrated business and ICT advice to small and medium sized enterprises.

Business experience

21 years in engineering sales and marketing, particularly to export markets:

  • precision forgings for aerospace, power generation and defence
  • pipe fittings for power stations, petrochemical and chemical industries
  • composite mouldings for aerospace, defence and telecommunications
  • factory equipment such as tool balancers, hose reels and cable reels
  • rubber compounds and rubber and polyurethane covered rollers for graphic arts, converting, woodworking, steel making, tanneries and other processes

10 years on the Board of a major manufacturer of rubber-covered rollers

  • 3½ years as Marketing Director
  • 6½ years as Managing Director

Independent consultant since late 1999; completed the following projects:

  • major UK acquisition study for a medium sized Belgian manufacturing company;
  • review and editing of the English version of their brochure and Website;
  • export marketing review and strategy proposal for a small UK manufacturing company serving the water industry;
  • UK Sales Agent for a Dutch manufacturer of plastic and rubber compounds, from November 2000 to July 2002;
  • translation of brochure and data sheets for a French supplier to the paper industry;
  • eCommerce Adviser on the "Opportunity Wales" programme from May 2002 to March 2004;
  • Website Manager from May 2002 to November 2006 for a Dutch manufacturer of plastic and rubber compounds, for whom I completely redesigned their 6-language site in 2002 and added a major extension in April 2004; English text editing for their new Website in 2017.

Current activity

  • maintenance of a Website which I built for a West Yorkshire folk music group called Aiken's Drum;
    I completed a major overhaul of their site in January 2013 to mark the launch of their new CD.
  • maintenance of a Website for a producer of high quality calendars (my first venture into building a shopping site);
  • maintenance of a Website for a producer of greeting cards featuring his stunning original photographs (large range of items available on-line);
  • occasional translation and brochure and Website text editing assignments for a small number of European clients.

Contact me

Please use the Contact Form. (Due to the large amount of spam sent to the eMail address previously shown on this site, direct eMail contact with me is regrettably no longer possible. I will, however, respond by eMail if appropriate).

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