Data Privacy Policy

This Web site uses no cookies, spyware or other tracking devices to capture visitors' details without their knowledge. Visitor information submitted via the Input Forms is not stored on-line but is simply sent to the Editor in the form of an eMail which may or may not be retained in the long term.

Visitor information submitted via the Guestbook is collected in an on-line database stored on a secure server operated by a major professional Web Hosting company. Only the Web site Editor has access to it. The few details which can be entered will be used primarily as a historical record of visitors, will not be passed to any third party and will not be used for unsolicited eMails or marketing purposes. If a visitor has ticked the "opt in" box, (s)he may very occasionally receive an eMail announcing the addition of new material to the site. A Guestbook entry can be deleted by following the link below.

If you proceed to submit your details via the Guestbook or an Input Form, you will be considered as having given consent to the use of the data as described in this Policy Statement.

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