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Bruce Baillie
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John Birkby
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Paul Flannery
Born in 1955; playing on the folk scene since 1973. He sings and plays guitar, bouzouki, octave mandolin, 5 string banjo and harmonica. He has been playing with the band since late 2012 and produced the artwork for the band's last two albums.
Born in 1947; involved in folk music since 1965. Was lead singer with Millstone Grit. Formed Aiken's Drum in 1977. Performs with the group and solo at pubs, folk clubs and festivals. He is the band's lead singer
and plays guitar.
Born in 1947; lived in London where he played with bands High Tension and Heritage. Moved to West Yorkshire in 1986. Joined Aiken's Drum in 1990. Plays electric piano and sings; also tunes pianos and repairs squeeze boxes.
Other musicians join the band for specific gigs.
To see a video of the band performing "Ben Hall", copy the following link into the address bar of your browser: http://tiny.cc/fxiohy (for some odd reason the direct link does not work).

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