No.DateNameArtCheCSeDeaEngMonScHSunUTCWalCusClient CommentsSup£Disc£PaidDelNotes_PGH
53302/01/2009Helen Crawley00200001000 0.000.00TrueTrue
53201/01/2009Max Coleman03000000000Calendars are required by friend0.000.00TrueTrueRequired in 7days if possible
53101/01/2009Stephanie Holden00000000001Custom A4 Planner 'Black & White Water'10.000.00TrueTrueMy choice of images inc surfing and white river water
53001/01/2009Mrs MA Hill00000000000Qty 5 - Cards5.000.00TrueTrue
52918/12/2008Max Coleman00110000000+ 12 Cards12.004.45TrueTrue
52814/12/2008Mrs Pamela Mason00000000100 0.000.00TrueTruePayment by PAYPAL
52714/12/2008Sheila's00000000003Qty 2 - A3 Planner 'Usk Town & Country' Qty 1 - A3 Planner 'Monmouthshire' Payment - Cash on Delivery by 18/12/08 (Please ignore e-mail payment request)35.850.00TrueTrueHand Delivered to Sheila's - Wednesday 17th December
52613/12/2008Christmas Fayre00000000000Organised by 'Sheila's' Cards - Qty 97.500.00TrueTrueNot charged for table
52513/12/2008PG Hill20010001002+ Qty 1 - A3 Planner ' England' Qty 1 - A3 Planner 'Art in Nature' Gifts23.9058.35TrueTrueMum & Alice - A4 'Art in Nature', Lesley - A3 'Art in Nature', Freda - A4 'Sunrise-Sunset', Tristan - A4 'Forest of Dean', Elaine - A3 'England'
52412/12/2008Mrs Rachael Pearce00000000100 0.000.00TrueTrueJT to hand deliver 18 - 22nd December advised by Mrs Pearce - cheque will be posted 18 December
52311/12/2008Sedbury Post Office05000000000INCLUDE POSTING ENVELOPES0.006.75TrueTrueC.O.D. of order
52211/12/2008Max Coleman00000000000Qty 15 Cards ref: mon-0901a15.000.00TrueTrueHand Deliver soon
52108/12/2008Mr B Wells00000000010 0.000.00TrueTrueGift by mum - MARK 'From Margaret and Trevor'
52007/12/2008Helen Tudball00000000002Qty 2 - A3 Planner 'Monmouthshire'23.900.00TrueTruePaid by cheque JT to hand deliver 18 - 22nd December
51907/12/2008Tony Woodbridge00000000001Qty 1 - A3 Planner 'Monmouthshire'11.950.00TrueTrue
51807/12/2008Caroline Lloyd00000000100 0.000.00TrueTrueJT to hand deliver 18 - 22nd December
51707/12/2008Mrs M de Souza00000000200 0.000.00TrueTrueJT to hand deliver 18 - 22nd December
51607/12/2008Victorian Fayre Sunday00000000100+ Cards - Qty 4 Supplied from Stock3.500.00TrueTrueSupplied to Georgina
51506/12/2008Craft Market00000000000Cards - Qty 22.000.00TrueTrue
51406/12/2008Paul Faulkner00000000100 0.000.00TrueTrue
51306/12/2008Claire Baber00000100001+ Qty 1 - A3 Planner 'Monmouthshire' paid by PAYPAL Send A4 one to: Mrs S Fathers Blackaburn Farm Wark Hexham NE48 3DU Please include the following on a compliments slip Dear Steph, Happy Christmas, All our Love Martin and Claire11.950.00TrueTrueJT to hand deliver 18 - 22nd December
51206/12/2008M. Barber00000000200 0.000.00TrueTrue
51106/12/2008Mrs S Walton00000000001Qty 1 - A3 Planner 'Forest of Dean'11.950.00TrueTrue
51006/12/2008Jane Williams00000000001Qty 1 - A3 Planner 'Usk Town & Country'11.950.00TrueTrueJT to hand deliver 18 - 22nd December
50906/12/2008Valerie Baker00000000001Qty 1 - A3 Planner 'Usk Town & Country'11.950.00TrueTrueJT to hand deliver 18 - 22nd December
50806/12/2008Anne Gibson00000000001Qty 1 - A3 Planner 'Wales'11.950.00TrueTrueJT to hand deliver 18 - 22nd December
50706/12/2008Nicola Williams00000000001Qty 1 - A3 Planner 'Monmouthshire'11.950.00TrueTrue
50606/12/2008Victorian Fayre Saturday00000100400Phone number shown for Jill Jeremiah - Organiser Cards - Qty 15 Supplied from Stock13.200.00TrueTrue
50505/12/2008Ann Musker00000000100 0.000.00TrueTrue
50403/12/2008Max Coleman00000000000Cards - Qty 2725.000.00TrueTrue
50303/12/2008Geoff Sprague00010100000 0.000.00TrueTrueHand Deliver
50202/12/2008Gillian Hewitt00000000001Qty 1 - A3 Planner 'Monmouthshire' 11.950.00TrueTruePurchased at Parkinsons Benefit Event Hand Delivered
50102/12/2008A Evans00000000001Qty 1 - A3 Planner 'Forest of Dean' 11.950.00TrueTruePurchased at Parkinsons Benefit Event
50002/12/2008Parkinsons Benefit Event00000000000Card Sales - 1110.000.00TrueTrue
49902/12/2008Derek O Rourke00000000002Qty 2 - A3 Planner 'Art in Nature'23.900.00TrueTrue
49801/12/2008Chris Comins00000000002Qty 2 - Custom A4 Planner - 'Dana's Calendar' and 'John & Belinda's Calendar' - edit front page of 'Betty's Calendar' (Order No.476)17.000.00TrueTrue
49701/12/2008Sedbury Post Office05000000000 TO INCLUDE POSTING ENVELOPES0.006.75TrueTrueTrial batch of 5 - C.O.D.of Order
49601/12/2008Freda Cragg00000001000 0.008.95TrueTrueGift
49530/11/2008Mrs Ann Smith00000000001Qty 1 - A3 Planner 'Forest of Dean'11.950.00TrueTrue
49430/11/2008Stuart Cox00000000001Qty 1 - A3 Planner 'Forest of Dean'11.950.00TrueTrue
49330/11/2008Festive Foods and Crafts Fair00020000000+ Cards - Qty 16 Supplied from Stock14.000.00TrueTrue
49229/11/2008Mr & Mrs M Harris00000000001Qty 1 - A3 Planner 'Forest of Dean'11.950.00TrueTrue
49129/11/2008Mrs R Beddis00000000001Qty 1 - A3 Planner 'Forest of Dean'11.950.00TrueTrue
49029/11/2008Christmas Craft Fayre00000000000Cards - Qty 32.500.00TrueTrueTrav exp - £2-00
48929/11/2008John A Kitto00000001000 0.000.00TrueTrueHand Delivered
48829/11/2008Peter Hendrickson01000000001+ Qty 1 - A3 Planner 'Forest of Dean'11.950.00TrueTrueHand Delivered (ex-No.2 Buttington Terrace)
48729/11/2008Paul White00000000001Qty 1 - A3 Planner 'Chepstow'11.950.00TrueTrueHand deliver
48629/11/2008Mrs Atherton00000000001Qty 1 - A3 Planner 'Monmouthshire'11.950.00TrueTrueHand delivered
48529/11/2008Christmas Fayre02010000000Supplied from stock0.000.00TrueTrueOrganiser - 'Sheila's' - Sedbury Table Cost - £10-00 Trav exp - £1-00
48427/11/2008Ceri George00000000100 0.000.00TrueTrue
48324/11/2008Jude Kelman00000000001Qty 1 - Custom A3 Planner 'Trees' - to images specified16.9516.95TrueTrueGift
48224/11/2008Barry Melville00000200000Qty 3 Greeting cards @ £2-50 for 32.500.00TrueTrue* Post First Class
48124/11/2008Cath Hopkins00000000001Qty 1 - A3 Planner ' Forest of Dean'11.950.00TrueTrueStall holder (China) Deliver at Coleford Craft Fair 30 November
48024/11/2008Mrs EM Price00000100000 0.000.00TrueTrue ** URGENT - Hand Deliver by 28 November. House with roof adjacent to Brockweir Lane
47924/11/2008Miss HA Crum00000000001Qty 1 - A3 Planner 'Monmouthshire'11.950.00TrueTrue
47824/11/2008Andrew Murphy00000000001Qty 1 - A3 Planner 'Forest of Dean'11.950.00TrueTrue
47724/11/2008Craft Fair Day 200000100000Qty - 10 Cards sold8.500.00TrueTrueSupplied from stock
47622/11/2008Chris Comins00000000001Qty 1 - Custom A4 Planner 'Betty's Calendar' with images as selected10.000.00TrueTrueOrdered at Brockweir Craft Fair
47522/11/2008BAC Chapple00000000001Qty 1 - A3 Planner ' Forest of Dean'11.950.00TrueTrueOrdered at Brockweir Craft Fair
47422/11/2008Judy Lewis00000000001Qty 1 - A3 Planner 'Forest of Dean' Qty 3 - Greetings Cards14.450.00TrueTrueOrdered at Brockweir Craft Fair Cards already supplied Paid by cheque
47322/11/2008Lesley Turner00010000000 0.000.00TrueTrueOrdered at Brockweir Craft Fair
47222/11/2008Craft Fair Day 101000200000 Qty 19 Cards sold16.000.00TrueTrueSupplied from stock
47122/11/2008Jacqueline Potter00000000002Qty 1 - A3 Planner 'Forest of Dean' Qty 1 - A3 Planner 'Monmouthshire'23.900.00TrueTrueOrdered at Clearwell Christmas Shopping Evening
47022/11/2008Christmas Shopping Evening00040000000 0.000.00TrueTrueTable cost £5-00 + prize for raffle (bottle of white wine) Trav exp £3-00
46919/11/2008Card Sales00000000000Qty 10 - Max Coleman Qty 1 - Christine Cheffins11.000.00TrueTrue
46818/11/2008Jenny Canvin00000000001Qty 1 - Custom A3 Planner 'The Tink' 20.000.00TrueTrue
46718/11/2008Mrs J. Williams00000000100May order some more.0.000.00TrueTrue
46616/11/2008Angela Day00000000001Custom A3 Planner 'Friends'20.000.00TrueTrueRemaining Image (sept) to be supplied by Jenny
46516/11/2008Chris Comins00000000001Qty 1 - A3 'Monmouthshire' - substitute Chepstow High Street image for December12.500.00TrueTrue£0-55 charged for substituted image
46416/11/2008Ursula Williams00000000001Qty 1 - A3 Planner 'Forest of Dean'11.950.00TrueTrue
46316/11/2008S Himsworth00000100000 0.000.00TrueTrue
46216/11/2008Mrs C Southee00000200000Required ASAP0.000.00TrueTrueRequired ASAP - send 1st class post or hand deliver - 1st house after Rising Sun pub
46116/11/2008Chris Jenkins00000000002Qty 2 - A3 Planner 'Monmouthshire'23.900.00TrueTrue
46016/11/2008Malcom Vine00000000001Qty 1 - A3 Planner 'Forest of Dean'11.950.00TrueTrue
45916/11/2008Art & Craft Fair01041102000Sales from stock Organiser - Rachel Bomford phone number above22.500.00TrueTrueSupplement is for card sales - Qty 26 Table cost £15-00 Trav exp £3-00
45815/11/2008Margaret Still00000000001Qty 1 - A3 Planner 'Forest of Dean'11.950.00TrueTrueOrganiser of Soudley Market - paid by cheque
45715/11/2008Ginnie Ryder00000000001Qty 1 - A3 Planner 'Forest of Dean'11.950.00TrueTrueCustomer posting to USA Customer private address: The Cottage, Hartlands Hill, Minsterworth, Glos GL2 8JY
45615/11/2008J Whalley00000000001Qty 1 - A3 Planner 'Forest of Dean'11.950.00TrueTrueCustomer posting to New Zealand
45515/11/2008Sharon Thomas00000000000Qty 3 - Greeting Cards (2 already supplied); Card ref: dea 200902a outstanding3.000.00TrueTruePhone number is for Janet (Buyer's Mother)
45415/11/2008Soudley Market00020000000Sales from stock15.500.00TrueTrueOrder supplement is for first greeting card sales - Qty 18
45308/11/2008Nikki Hancock00000100001Qty 1 - A3 Planner 'Forest of Dean'11.950.00TrueTrue
45208/11/2008Severn View Residential Home Autumn Fair01110001010 0.000.00TrueTrue
45105/11/2008Mrs J Bendon00000000200 0.000.00TrueTrue2 from JT Stock of 5
45001/11/2008Mrs JR Cammell10000000001Qty 1 - A3 Planner 'Forest of Dean'11.950.00TrueTrue
44901/11/2008Mrs B Reeve00000000001Qty 1 - A3 Planner 'Sunrise-Sunset' with notes section11.950.00TrueTrue
44801/11/2008Mrs M Simpson00010000000 0.000.00TrueTrue
44701/11/2008Autumn Craft Fair00020000000Organiser - Mrs Jean Cammell - phone number above0.000.00TrueTrueTable Cost - 10% of total takings (£5-80)
44631/10/2008Jude Kelman01001000000 0.001.95TrueTrue
44531/10/2008Angela Palmer00010000000request for delivery by 7 November0.000.00TrueTrue
44427/10/2008Mrs M Jones05000000000 0.002.50TrueTrueHand Delivered
44315/10/2008Mrs D Brunt00000000100 0.000.00TrueTrue
44215/10/2008Mrs J Bendon00000000200 0.000.00TrueTrue
44114/10/2008Roz Sladen00010000000 0.000.50TrueTrue
44008/10/2008Lamin Barrow01000000000 0.000.50TrueTrue
43830/09/2008Jan Williams10000000000 0.000.50TrueTrue
43730/09/2008Nan Mills00001001010 0.001.40TrueTrue
43629/09/2008Christine Cheffins00100000000 0.008.95TrueTrueBirthday Present
43518/09/2008Mrs J Beavan00000000100Customer will collect from 'Tangles' Hairdressers0.000.00TrueTrueCalendar despatched to 'Tangles' Hairdressers, Usk
43413/09/2008John Tallet00000000100Christmas gift for Werner0.001.00TrueTrue
43312/09/2008Anne Cale00000000100Required latest October 5th0.000.00TrueTrue
43228/08/2008Miss Maureen Bradley00000000100No hurry on delivery0.000.00TrueTrueSee JT eMail to customer (to follow)
43128/08/2008John Tallet00000000100Christmas gift for John & Jackie (postage £2.29)0.001.00TrueTrueTesting
43028/08/2008Peter Hill00000000100 0.008.50TrueTrueDemo Usk Planner
42928/08/2008Peter Hill00000000001Qty 1 - A3 Planner 'Australia'11.9511.95TrueTrueGift for J Tallet
42828/08/2008Peter Hill00000000001Qty 1 - A3 Planner 'Embleton'11.9511.95TrueTrueGift for TG Hill
42726/08/2008John Tallet000000001001st genuine 2009 order; gift for Dennis Hopkins0.001.00TrueTrue
  Totals: 4265233140828352      

 Total of Photo Planners ordered: 166 

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