No.DateNameArtCheCseDwyEngIoMIrePkDScHSnoSunWalCusClient CommentsSup£Disc£PaidDelNotes_PGH
42606/02/2008Mrs Patricia Frewin0000000000001Qty 1 - 'Usk' (town) Portrait Planner7.950.00TrueTruePrivate address: 35 Willow Road, Carlton, Nottingham, NG4 3BH
42516/01/2008Judith Fulthorpe0000000000001Qty 1 - A3 Planner 'Highlands of Scotland'11.000.00TrueTrue
42412/01/2008Jan Williams0100000000000 0.000.00TrueTrue
42303/01/2008MA Hill0001000000000 0.007.95TrueTrueGift
42202/01/2008Christine Cheffins0000000000001'Chepstow & Severn' with some alternative images8.451.45TrueTrue
42102/01/2008Jude Kelman0000000000001Custom A4 Portrait Planner 'Forest of Dean & Wye' with notes section7.957.95TrueTrueGift
42002/01/2008Elaine Kent0000000000001Custom A3 Planner 'Landscapes'9.959.95TrueTrueGift
41902/01/2008Freda Cragg0000000000001Custom A4 Portrait Planner 'Ducks & Geese'7.957.95TrueTrue Gift
41812/12/2007John Tallet0000000000003Qty 3 - 'Usk' Planner23.850.00TrueTrue1 supplied to unknown client, 1 for CT, 1 for JT
41711/12/2007Joern Plote0000000000002Qty 1 - A3 'Art in Nature' Qty 1 - A3 'Highlands of Scotland' Order Value €32.0022.700.00TrueTrue€32.00 cash requested by e-mail 11 Dec 2007
41611/12/2007J Parsons0010000000000 0.000.00TrueTrue
41510/12/2007Caitlin Barrett2000000000000 0.000.00TrueTrueTake to session
41409/12/2007Pete MacSharry0100000000000 0.000.00TrueTrueWill collect 18 December
41308/12/2007Steam Mills Christmas Fayre0002000000000 0.000.00TrueTrueCosts - £5 table, £5 Petrol
41207/12/2007Tangles0000000000001Qty 1 - 'Usk' Planner7.950.00TrueTrue
41107/12/2007Usk Library0000000000001Qty 1 - 'Usk' Planner7.950.00TrueTrueQty 1 - 'Usk' Planner
41004/12/2007Adele Humphreys0000000100000 0.000.00TrueTrue
40904/12/2007F Discombe0003000000000Qty 3 - 'FRANCES SPECIAL' Total cost of changes £ by 19 December
40803/12/2007Alex Pownall0001000000000 0.000.00TrueTrue
40703/12/2007John Tallet0000000000001Qty 1 - 'Usk' Planner, A39.959.95TrueTrue
40602/12/2007Geoff Sprague0200000000000 0.000.00TrueTrue
40502/12/2007Mr & Mrs Clammer0010000000000 0.000.00TrueTrue
40402/12/2007Malcom Vine0000000000001Qty 1 - 'Art in Nature' A39.950.00TrueTrue
40302/12/2007F Buxton0001000000000 0.000.00TrueTrue
40202/12/2007Mrs K Parker0001000000000 0.000.00TrueTrue
40102/12/2007Ms M Crawley0001000000000 0.000.00TrueTrue
40002/12/2007Craft Fair1205101000000 0.000.00TrueTrueCosts - Table £15, Petrol £2.50
39901/12/2007I Richards0000000000001Qty 1 - 'Usk' Planner7.950.00TrueTrue
39801/12/2007WD James0000000000001Qty 1 - 'Usk' Planner7.950.00TrueTrue
39701/12/2007Mrs J Jones0000000000001Qty 1 - 'Usk' Planner7.950.00TrueTrue
39601/12/2007RP Robinson0000000000001Qty 1 - 'Usk' Planner7.950.00TrueTrue
39501/12/2007M Miller0000000000002Qty 2 - 'Usk' Planner15.900.00TrueTruePOST 1st CLASS if not hand delivered
39401/12/2007Mrs M de Souza0000000000002Qty 2 - 'Usk' Planner15.900.00TrueTrue
39301/12/2007Jenny Mee0000000000001Qty 1 - 'Usk' Planner7.950.00TrueTrue
39201/12/2007Mrs BJ Darge0000000000001Qty 1 - 'Usk' Planner7.950.00TrueTrue
39101/12/2007Mrs R Attewell0000010000001Qty 1 - 'Usk'7.950.00TrueTrue
39001/12/2007Alex Davies0000000000001Qty 1 - 'Usk' (town)7.950.00TrueTrue
38901/12/2007MM Reeves0000000000010 0.000.00TrueTrue
38801/12/2007Usk Victorian Fair0111000000000 0.000.00TrueTrue
38701/12/2007S Daly0010000000000 0.000.00TrueTrue At Christmas Fair - Beachley
38601/12/2007Mr A Cottrell0000000000001Qty 1 - 'Forest of Dean & the Severn'8.450.00TrueTrueAt Christmas Fair - Beachley
38501/12/2007Christmas Fair0100000000000 0.000.00TrueTrue
38401/12/2007Mrs Rosemary Evans0000000002000 0.000.00TrueTrue
38301/12/2007Mrs Georgina Hathaway0000000000002Qty 2 - 'Usk' (town) planner15.900.00TrueTrue
38201/12/2007Mrs D. Musto0000000000001Qty 1 - 'Usk' (town) planner7.950.00TrueTrue
38101/12/2007Sarah Byford0000000000001Qty 1 - 'Usk' (town) planner7.950.00TrueTrue
38001/12/2007Rosie Huxley0000000000010 0.000.00TrueTrue
37901/12/2007Susan Cowburn0000000000001Qty 1 - 'Usk' (town) planner7.950.00TrueTrue
37830/11/2007The Post Office0000000000002Qty 2 - 'Usk' (town) planner15.901.90TrueTrueReduced from 3 to 2; spare planner retrieved
37730/11/2007The Post Office0000000000001Qty 1 - 'Usk' (town) planner7.950.95TrueTrue
37629/11/2007M Mayo0040000000000Qty 1 - Glossy A4 Photo Print ('Chepstow & Severn' - January image) Qty 1 - Glossy A4 Photo Print ('Chepstow & Severn' - April image) 15.000.00TrueTrueMollie Mayo will collect calendars from me - phone when ready If possible have ready by Tuesday (for flight on Wednesday)
37528/11/2007Mr R Wells0000010000000 0.000.00TrueTrue
37428/11/2007Max Coleman0020000000000Calendars as supplied on previous order (Order No. 312)0.000.90TrueTrueUse Max's image selection
37325/11/2007Derek O Rourke0000000000002Qty 1 - A3 'Ireland' Qty 1 - A3 'Art in Nature'19.900.00TrueTrue
37225/11/2007Miss P Boddye0000000000001 Qty 1 - 'Forest of Dean & the Severn'8.450.00TrueTrue
37125/11/2007Marilyn Cox0000000000001Qty 1 - 'Forest of Dean & the Severn'8.450.00TrueTrue
37025/11/2007Heather Lusty0001000000000 0.000.00TrueTrue
36925/11/2007K Smith0001000000000 0.000.00TrueTrue
36824/11/2007S Young0000000010000 0.000.00TrueTrue
36724/11/2007Mrs B Harvey0001000000001Qty 1 - 'Forest of Dean & the Severn'8.450.00TrueTrue
36624/11/2007Peter Helder0000000000001Qty 1 - A3 'Forest of Dean & the Wye'9.950.00TrueTrue
36524/11/2007Julie Pritchard0000000000001Qty 1 - A3 'Forest of Dean & the Wye'9.950.00TrueTrueOrganiser of Newland Christmas Emporium
36424/11/2007Newland Christmas Emporium0005000100000 0.000.00TrueTrueCosts - Table £10, Petrol £2
36323/11/2007Mrs B Bastin0010000000000 0.000.45TrueTrue
36223/11/2007J Morris0000000000001Qty 1 - Landscape Planner 'Forest of Dean & the Severn'8.450.00TrueTrue
36123/11/2007Lloyd0100000000000 0.000.00TrueTrueCollected
36022/11/2007Kevin Burke0000000000005Qty 5 - 'Usk' (town) planner39.752.25TrueTrue
35922/11/2007Jude0000000000001Qty 1 - A3 Custom Portrait Planner 'Landscapes'12.000.00TrueTrueUsing image selection supplied
35822/11/2007Mrs M Jones0800000000000 0.003.60TrueTrueDeliver by hand
35722/11/2007Mrs M Pocock0001000001000Send by post0.000.00TrueTrue
35620/11/2007Three Salmons Hotel00000000000011 'Usk' Planner7.950.95TrueTrueBought by one of the receptionists
35519/11/2007Mrs Ann Musker0000000000001Qty 1 - 'Usk' (town) planner7.950.00TrueTrueJT Order No. 8
35418/11/2007Brigid Wedel0001000000000Order addition, Qty 1 - A4 Glossy Photo Print of Forest of Dean & the Wye September image7.500.00TrueTrueDO NOT PHONE ABOUT THIS ORDER AS IS A PRESENT - USE E-MAIL
35318/11/2007F Discombe0001000000000'FRANCES SPECIAL' - Substitute 'Piercefield House' image for month of March0.000.00TrueTrueSubstitute Chepstow Oct image in place of FOD & Wye Oct image FOD October for March Expects to buy at least 4 more of this type.
35218/11/2007Angela Palmer0001000000000 0.000.00TrueTrue
35118/11/2007J McKay0010000000000 0.000.00TrueTrueOrganiser of Craft Fair in MacKenzie Hall, Brockweir 18/11/07 Expects to place another order by post
35018/11/2007Chris Comins0000000000001Qty 1 - A3 'Highlands of Scotland'9.950.00TrueTrue
34918/11/2007Mrs Marguerite Gordon0000000011100Organised the Saturday sale at Methodist Church and said we would contact you. Dudley0.000.00TrueTrue
34817/11/2007Table Sale0002000000000 0.001.95TrueTrue1 Calendar not current images sold £6.00
34717/11/2007Mr CA Thorne0100000000000 0.000.00TrueTrue
34617/11/2007G Mayo0010000000000Addition Qty 1 - A4 Glossy print - 'Chepstow & the Severn' January image7.500.50TrueTrue
34517/11/2007M Watkinson0100000000000 0.000.00TrueTrue
34417/11/2007Table Sale0500000000000 0.001.95TrueTrue1 Calendar not current images sold for £6.00
34317/11/2007Mrs M Harvey0001000000000 0.000.00TrueTrue
34216/11/2007Barry Melville0000000000012Qty 2 - A3 Planner 'Wales'19.900.00TrueTrueA4 Portrait Planner 'Wales' already dispatched A3 Planners to be posted
34111/11/2007Lillian0001000000000 0.000.00TrueTrueDeliver to Mrs Moore
34010/11/2007John A Kitto0020000000000 0.000.00TrueTrueRing customer when calendars are ready and they will collect and pay
33910/11/2007Lisa Ashley0000000000002Qty 1 - A3 Planner 'Chepstow & the Severn' Qty 1 - A3 Planner ' Forest of Dean & the Wye'19.900.00TrueTrue
33810/11/2007J Parsons0010000000000 0.000.00TrueTrueHand Deliver (Next to 'Caradoc')
33710/11/2007Miss KM Payne0001000000000 0.000.00TrueTrueHand Deliver
33610/11/2007Tidenham Bazaar0100000001000 0.000.00TrueTrueCosts - £5 (£4 Donation, £1 petrol)
33509/11/2007Mrs M Knight0001000000000 0.000.00TrueTrue
33409/11/2007Tracy Knight00010000000011 Landscape Planner 'Forest of Dean & the Severn'8.450.00TrueTrue
33309/11/2007Craft Fair0004000000000 0.000.00TrueTrueFair Costs £9 (£5 table,£2 raffle prize,£2 petrol)
33204/11/2007Jenny Canvin0000000000002Qty 2 - A3 Wedding calendar Own Photographs and details to be supplied28.000.00TrueTrue
33103/11/2007Mrs J Pike00000000000011 A3 'Chepstow' Deliver calendar to Sedbury Park House office9.950.00TrueTrue
33003/11/2007Craft Fair03220000000011 Landscape Planner 'Forest of Dean & the Severn'8.450.00TrueTrueSales from Stock
32802/11/2007G Thompson0001000000000 0.000.00TrueTrue
32702/11/2007Lamin Barrow0100000000000 0.000.45TrueTrue
32631/10/2007Manager0100000000000 0.000.00TrueTrue
32527/10/2007Mrs Pam MacMillan0100000000000 0.000.00TrueTrue
32426/10/2007John Tallet00000000000011 'Usk' Planner - Christmas present for Werner7.950.00TrueTrueRequired by 27.11.07 latest
32325/10/2007Dean Forest Railway0005000000000Delivery requested for 31 October 20070.006.00TrueTrue
32225/10/2007Mrs Pam MacMillan00000000000022 'Usk' Planners15.900.00TrueTrueOrder taken while at the library
32125/10/2007Mrs J. Murray00000000000011 'Usk' Planner 7.950.00TrueTrueJT to deliver
32021/10/2007Mrs D Brunt00000000000021 'Usk' Planner 1 'Usk Walks' Planner15.900.00TrueTrue
31819/10/2007Mrs C George00000000000011 'Usk Walks' Planner7.950.00TrueTrue
31718/10/2007Usk Twinning Association0000000000001"Usk" calendar7.950.00TrueTrueOrder placed by JT; Calendar to be delivered by JT.
31616/10/2007Kate Kingdom00000000000011 Custom Portrait Planner 'Usk'7.950.00TrueTrue** Required By 26 October
31513/10/2007Mrs TC Watkins00000000000022 Portrait Planner "Usk" Calendars to be left at Usk Library for collection by customer15.900.00TrueTrueUskwalks Order No. 7
31429/09/2007Jude0000000000300 0.001.35TrueTrue
31320/09/2007PG Hill0000000000002Custom A3 Planner 'Isle of Man' - gift for Dad Custom A3 Planner 'Sunrise-Sunset' - gift for Lesley19.9019.90TrueTrue
31220/09/2007Max Coleman0060000000000 0.002.70TrueTrue
31115/09/2007Anne Cale0000000000001Qty 1 - 'Usk' Planner7.950.00TrueTrueAnn changed to Anne
31015/09/2007Mrs D Brunt00000000000031 Portrait Planner 'Usk Walks', 2 Portrait Planners 'Usk' Deliver to John Tallet23.850.00TrueTrue
30911/09/2007Nan Mills0000110000000 0.000.40TrueTrue
30830/08/2007John Tallet0000000000001Usk Planner7.957.95TrueTrueFor promotion / your own use
30730/08/2007Nan Mills0100000000101+ Custom Landscape Planner "Forest of Dean & the Severn"8.451.35TrueTrue
30508/08/2007Lynne Bennett0100000000000 0.000.00TrueTrue
30405/08/2007John Tallet0000000000001Custom Portrait Planner 'Usk Walks' -gift for Dennis Hopkins7.950.00TrueTrue
30326/07/2007Dr TG Hill0000010000000 0.000.00TrueTrue
30226/07/2007Doris0001000000000 0.000.00TrueTrue
30126/07/2007Roz Sladen0000000001000 0.000.00TrueTrue
30021/07/2007John Tallet1000000000000Christmas present for Cliff and Tricia0.000.00TrueTrue
  Totals: 43324482412265382      

 Total of Photo Planners ordered: 216 

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